Tutorial: How to make files donwloadable from a Wix website

1st Step: First. Write your file name for your downloadable file. In this case Pipes And Jumps
2nd Step: Then make a button and name it Download

3rd Step: Go on this website
Then in Send File To, write your e-mail adress
In Attach a File. Click browse. Then choose a file from your Computer. In this case my USB
Then click Send File
4th Step: When the file have been send. Copy the Download link.
5th Step: Back to your Wix website. In edit mode. Click on the Download button you have created.
Then a scroll window will pop up. Click Link. Then you can link a URL, Wix page or E-mail.
In this case URL. Paste the link in the box and click OK.

6th Step: Go in Preview Mode. Then go to the page the Download button is. Click on that.
Then it will take you to the page. There is a Download button. Right click on that and then click copy.
Go back to your Wix page and click edit mode. Then find the download button you have created and click on that.
Then click Link. Then delete the URL by clicking on Clear Link. Then paste the Download link in the box. Go to Preview mode and click on the Donwload button you have created. And then your done.
Screen capturing programs: Fraps, Bandicam
Link to my MindMeister: